Terms and Conditions for The Painted Dragonfly

Below are our general terms and conditions.

Occasionally, it is necessary to provide an addendum or individual agreement to these. If this is the case, the customer will be advised before being asked to confirm a booking.



Our current price list is published on our website.

This is item price you pay for inclusion with our standard Pottery Box. The item is ‘all-inclusive’ and includes the item, paints, brushes, plus other useful bits, delivery and collection, glazing and firing, before finished items are returned to the customer.


Price changes:

Periodically, it is necessary to review the item prices. The current price list is published on our website and at the time of booking, the item price will be the price you pay.



Payment in full for a standard Pottery Box is due before delivery. Invoices will be sent to the customer and customers can pay by BACS, cash, cheque or card. If a customer wants to pay by card, please let us know before delivery so that we can ensure we have the card payment machine. Non-payment may result in non-delivery of a box.

If additional costs are incurred (i.e. due to returned cheques, etc.) then these will be passed on to the customer.



For group sessions, a deposit of 30% will be requested at the time of booking, with the balance being due on the day of the event.

The Painted Dragonfly understands that sometimes life happens and occasionally you may need to move the agreed party / event date. We will always try and accommodate these changes as much as possible. We ask that you give us at least 48 hours, if this does become necessary. If your party / event is cancelled in full, then the deposit of 30% given at the time of booking is non-refundable.



Every attempt is made to provide pottery that is not cracked, chipped or would otherwise not survive the firing process. If you are concerned about the quality of your pieces before painting, please let us know as soon as possible.

Pieces broken after painting has started will not be replaced for free by The Painted Dragonfly, nor can they be fired.


Length of time to receive finished, fired pottery:

The estimated return date (as stated on the invoice) is not a guarantee of the completion date. If there is a delay, The Painted Dragonfly will endeavour to keep the customer informed. Due to the costs involved with firing, our kiln needs to be fired full. Likewise, with fuel prices high, we will endeavour to consolidate journeys.

Occasionally, it is necessary to fire an item a second time. For this reason, we recommend that items required for a specific day are painted at least two weeks in advance and we ask customers to advise us, if they require their pieces by a particular date.



Glazing is done by hand and whilst every care is taken, sometimes there will be perceived imperfections in the finish; this can be as a result of the hand-painted nature of the pottery and the natural state of the clay. Finished fired items will be returned with a food-safe finish. If this has not been achieved, it will be brought to the attention of the customer and a solution by mutual agreement will be found. If a customer is unhappy with their finished piece, they are asked to contact The Painted Dragonfly to discuss the matter and find a resolution.

Please be aware that sometimes pottery items can break, crack or at worst explode in the kiln. It is the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. If you have lost your piece in the kiln in this way, we will offer you a full refund (cash or bank transfer) or to paint a replacement piece, free of charge, up to the value of the original piece.

The Painted Dragonfly cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been returned. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused. Whilst the glaze and pottery are both considered dishwasher safe after firing, we recommend hand washing items. Pottery items are not microwave safe.


Return of finished items:

All items are returned wrapped in tissue paper to protect against chipping, cracking, etc.. Where possible, The Painted Dragonfly will add the names of the painter to the wrapped pieces. It is the responsibility of the supervising parent / adult to ensure that names are either painted* on pieces, or that photographs are taken of finished pieces alongside the painter’s name (felt tips and paper are supplied with all Pottery Boxes) and forward to The Painted Dragonfly to aid this process. (* Please do not write names in felt tips or pencil as neither survive the firing process; pencil can also adversely affect the glazing of a piece.)

The Painted Dragonfly cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been returned. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused. Washing items in a dishwasher will shorten the life of the item. We recommend hand washing all items. Pottery items are not microwave safe.


Posting items:

The Painted Dragonfly is happy to post items to paint or finished items after firing. The costs associated with postage are carried by the customer. A quotation for posting can be provided upon request.



Your information is important and will not be sold, shared or rented to any third party.

It may be stored and used in connection with TPD; please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Problem resolution:

Occasionally problems occur and we ask that you contact us directly, so that a solution can be reached.


TPD T&Cs v1.0, 1st Feb. 2023